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Payment & Fees

The District bills for water every two (2) months.  Bills are due the 20th of the “even” months (February, April, June, etc.).  If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, payment is due the next business day.  Due dates may be subject to change – please always review your bill to ensure timely payment.

We currently accept cash, check or a money order made out to OCSD.  

Ways to Pay

By Mail
Oceano CSD
PO Box 599
Oceano, CA 93475-0599

If you need to overnight or express mail a payment:
Oceano CSD
1655 Front Street
Oceano, CA 93445

Please ensure 5-7 business days for your payment to arrive by mail.  A $5 late fee will apply the day after the due date. Payments are considered received the day they are received by our office – we do not go by the postmarked date.

In Person
Our office is located at 1655 Front St. (Hwy 1) across from the historic Oceano Depot.  We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and we generally do not close for lunch.  We are closed most major holidays.  Please see our calendar for office closures.

After Hours
There is a “Payment” drop slot in the front door for delivering your payment after hours. Please do not put cash/change through the drop slot. We encourage placing your check or money order into a sealed envelope before putting it into the payment drop.  Please include your account number and/or service address to ensure proper posting of your payment.

Automatic Payment (ACH Draft)
We offer free automatic withdrawal from your bank account.  Please visit our “Forms” page to download an enrollment form.  Please return the form to our office with a voided check. Please call the office to verify when your automatic payments will begin.  You will still receive a bill in the mail, however the payment stub should read, “Auto Pay – Please Do Not Pay.”

Bank Bill Payment
Your bank may offer a form of “Bill Pay” – Please note that these are not electronic payments received by the OCSD.  Your bank will process your request and mail a physical check (usually in bulk with other checks), which can take 7-14 business days to arrive.  Please ensure your payment is scheduled early to avoid late fees or disconnection.  Payments received after the due date are considered late and fees will apply.

Courtesy Notices for Tenants
The District does not currently open accounts under the tenants names; all bills remain in the owner’s name.  Owners may assign a property management company to their account and the District offers a “courtesy” billing notice for tenants/residents of the service address.   This service is provided for a small fee each billing cycle to assist when tenants are responsible for water & sewer maintenance fees.  Courtesy billings can help eliminate notification delays to tenants, late payments and interruption of service.  If you have questions, or if you’re interested in signing up for this service, please click here to download the form or please contact the District office.

Billing Options:

  1. Have the bill sent to the service address only.  This means one bill will go to the residence under the owners name.
  2. Have the bill sent to the owner’s address or property management address.  It will be the owner’s or property managements responsibility to provide the tenant with a timely copy.
  3. Utilize our “Courtesy Notice” service. The original bill will be sent to the owner or property management. A copy will be sent to the service address to “Resident.”  Please note there is an additional charge for this service.


CAPSLO (HEAP application)
3970 Short Street, Suite # 110
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 541-4122 ext. 14
Email: [email protected]

Salvation Army – Arroyo Grande
1550 W. Branch Street
Arroyo Grande
(805) 481-0278

Catholic Charities
Serving San Luis Obispo County
3592 Broad Street, Suite 104
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 541-9110

Rates & Fees 

Fee Type Amount
New Account Fee $30.00 (included in first bill)
Courtesy Notice to Tenants $  2.40 per billing cycle
Late Fee/Second Notice $  5.00
Door Hanger/48 Hour Disconnect Notice $25.00
Reconnect Fee $30.00
After Hours Reconnect Fee $60.00 (+ $30.00 Reconnect fee)
Return Check or ACH Fee $30.00 per incident

Sample Household Rates

Cost estimate for 24 units of water. (1 unit = 748 gallons)
*Rates effective as of May 18, 2019

Per Unit of
5/8″ Meter and first 6 units of consumption $52.18
LOPEZ REMEDIATION (per unit): $1.75 $42.00
First Tier 0-6 Units Base Rate $52.18
Second Tier 7-12 Units $3.55 $21.30
Third Tier 13-18 Units $3.93 $23.58
Fourth Tier 19-24 Units $4.39 $ 26.34
Fifth Tier Over 25 Units $4.63 $ 0.00
SEWER (Collection System) Rate: $19.49

Sample Rate Break-down per month:

Water Charge per month:  $82.70
Sewer Charge per month:  $  9.75

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