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Parks & Rec

The District is authorized to provide parks and recreation services, however, the District has no programs available at this time.

The District does have 10 hours per month and up to 120 hours per year available for recreational activities at the Oceano Community Center. The District does not have to pay the customary fees charged for use of the Community Center. To utilize the District’s hours and not be charged the customary fee, the applicant will need to identify a public benefit that differs from those who normally pay fees for the use of the Community Center. An application with Lucia Mar will still need to be completed and processed to schedule the date(s) and time(s) for the proposed use. Please contact the District about these hours if you are interested at (805) 481-6730.

For more information regarding local parks & recreation, please contact:

Oceano Community Center
(805) 474-3900

San Luis Obispo County Parks & Recreation
(805) 781-5930

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