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President’s Message

Building on Success in 2018

by Karen M. White

Residents should be proud of the achievements during the past few years by the Oceano Community Services District: a balanced 2-year approved budget; audits completed and plans on the table for refurbishment of the town’s water delivery system.  The District is working to build on recent success, while facing both continuing and new challenges, such as the demand for increased funding  for fire protection.

As the “Gateway to the Dunes,” Oceano is an unpolished gem showing signs of the changes needed to reach its full potential.  With a history as a multi-generational, multi-ethnic enclave in San Luis Obispo County, the goal must be to help Oceano find an all-inclusive path to future development while avoiding becoming “only” a “boutique” tourist town.  The District will strive to promote a future for Oceano with quality and cost-efficient services.  This comes with the reliable supply of water ensured by past action and continuing efforts to guard these sources, which include groundwater, Lopez dam and the State system.

The District’s recent successes contrast with events prior to 2015, where the District had been operating with significant budget deficits.  In addition, vacancies in critical staff positions, and delays in addressing several long-delayed work projects, had made the District’s outlook grim.  Since that time, the District’s Director’s and staff have stabilized the fiscal position and embarked on projects to improve the community.  As an example of the efforts for community improvement, the District implemented a new program last year aimed at reducing illegal dumping and controlling trash.  This program will continue in 2018 with the goal of keeping Oceano, “Clean and Green.”

Implementing deferred water and wastewater infrastructure projects will continue to be a high priority for 2018.

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